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Hi Ray, Lois and Cindy,

We met in Breton, Alberta. I just want to let you know one of the thing that has happened since your visit here.
I look after 4 of my grandchildren. The oldest just turned 4. Two belong to our oldest son, the other 2 belong to our youngest son, Jesse (who you also met in Breton). For all of the children, their mommy's have left - this is how I have come to be there sitter. Nap time in the past has been very hectic. When you were here you mentioned another family who was having trouble with a child sleeping and they would put Ray's CD on and the child would settle down. That inspired me to buy the CD and play if for our kids. There is such an anointing on that music! Nap time has become a peaceful, easy time. Praise God!
The other night our oldest son was here and he tried putting the children to bed. His little 2 yr old girl just cried and cried. (She hadn't seen him for 2 weeks.) After he tried for about 3/4 hr. I said to my husband,"Let's put on Ray's CD." With in 2 minutes she was sound a sleep. There is such a peace when that music is playing!

Thank you for your ministry! You have blessed our family in more ways than this, but this is pretty significant to my daily life!
Cindy Nelson



I was at the service tonight at BFC and I came expecting and once again the Lord not only met those expectations but vastly exceeded anything I could imagine. I was brought up in a church that you sat still while you were preached at, you mouthed certian responses to what the priest said.
You knew your role and did NOT deviate from it.

Since I've been at BFC under Pastor Bruce those chains have been falling off, I've learned to its not only ok to enter into his presence but that HE wants me to. I've been learning who MY FATHER is.

Tonight though

Tonight it was like being in a different level.

I saw the pastors son standing there praying with you at the end of the service and something told me I don't even know what it wasn't on a level my mind can comprehend but I saw a piller of flame streak down from above and impact him from head to toe, and I saw him fall in HIS presence.

I've never seen anything like that the sheer power and glory manifest like that

We asked for the rain.
I thank you for coming to our church
and I thank the Lord for the anointing upon you and your ministry

and I thank the Lord for my pastors and for putting me here where I can receive.

I will be there tommorow night and no doubt in my mind that tonight was just a foretaste of what HE has planned.

Vincent Ryan

Dear Cindy, Lois and Ray,
I am a member of New Life Fellowship Church in Memphis, Tn.  I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your recent visit.  I saw a greater anointing on each of you.  Cindy, your ministry through the Holy Spirit was supernatural.  I experienced His manifestation each night.  I saw an increase of His anoint ing through you like never before.  His ministry through you has always been powerful, but the tangible anointing this time was different.  Lois, there has been an increase in your teaching anointing and it was very evident.  I saw increase in knowledge and revelation of Him.  Ray, as always His anointing through you in music was incredible.  I so enjoy you playing the guitar and how the corporate anointing works through each of you.  I love His corporate anointing and how it works through us, there is no other place I would rather be.  I will be praying for you as you continue to travel and pray you will visit us again soon.
I too am a minister and am involved in New Life in leadership.  God recently had me establish a ministry to help those who need healing (spirit, soul, and body) and to set the captives free.  It is my desire to preach, teach and minister the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit with His manifestation as He wills!  Please pray for me and this new ministry.
I hunger for the supernatural and the Holy Ghost's manifestation - THE GLORY!!!  We at New Life are a company of believer's exhibiting life-changing ministry to others, we are a supernatural church!

I speak God's blessing upon you and charge the angels to protect and watch over you in Jesus' name, Amen!
In HIs Image,
Debbie Smith
Gen. 1:26-28

Hi. My name is Kathy Hamlin and I was recently in a women's meeting with
Shekinah Glory in Lubbock, TX. I have a testimony that I would like to share with you all.   I have known that I was pregnant for some time - however I have been taking the home tests on a regular basis and they all said "I was not pregnant. Since I was so confident that I was I went and took a blood test that said HCG level was 2 which meant ....I was not pregnant. However- I knew I was pregnant - but when a blood test says it is negative that will make a woman feel crazy in her mind. HA!  
Eleven days later I took another blood test and the nurse said- if this test shows that you are pregnant you had to have gotten pregnant this week- because blood tests are not inaccurate. So it came back and said I had an 870 hcg- which is approx 5 weeks pregnant. Well she thought something was surely strange. So she asked me to come back in 48 hours and she said my HCG would double. So I did and my HCG was 3475! So she was really baffled and wanted to send me for a sonogram - I did and it showed I was 5 weeks... Again. 
So what I wanted you to know was...... In between the two blood tests (the 2 hCG and the 870 hCG) was the women's conference with Shekinah Glory. I got in line for more of God- but- Cindy stopped and called Lois down to lay hands on me- she grabbed my stomach and she said "you live and not die"- that was wild to me. I knew she certainly was not speaking to "ME" to live and not die. I am as healthy as can be! So long story - long- when she laid her hands on me, my body was quickened and began to produce the hormone (hCG) that is produced during pregnancy. This hormone is absolutely vital for a baby to live in a womb. It actually forms the placenta, which nourishes the egg after it has been fertilized and becomes attached to the uterine wall. Typically levels can first be detected by a blood test about 11 days after conception. In my case however it was 71 days before any hormone was detected and then it produced 3 X's faster than a normal persons would. This was 2 days after Lois laid hands on me. So all I can say is that, "It pays to be in GLORY!!"
Praise The Lord for His Servants!!
All my love and gratitude,
Kathy Hamlin
Family Harvest Church
Post, TX

This is a testimony from a Pastor that attended our
French Speaking Ministers' Conference in Paris in 2006. LISTEN NOW!

Recently at a meeting in Fayetteville, North Carolina a young girls ear was healed. She had been deaf in her left ear since she was seven. She had several operations and the doctors said there was nothing that could be done – her deafness was permanent.

Sunday night as Cindy, Lois and Ray began to sing the anointing fell. Cindy began to call out different ailments, diseases and symptoms. This teenage girl came up and Cindy laid hands on her and her ear instantly opened.

She began to proclaim, “I can hear! I can hear! I couldn’t hear and I can hear!” PRAISE THE LORD!!

There were many more miracles, salvations and people filled with the Spirit.

We are so excited about the time we are living in. There is much to do. Continue to do what is in your heart. This is our time! This is your time! Lay hands on the sick - Talk to your neighbor – Stretch your faith - Believe God!

You only have one lifetime and what you do for the kingdom of God is the ONLY thing that matters!

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