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Called Together



“Lois has an uncommon understanding of the local church, revealing the prominence given to it in the New Testament, and why the believer’s active participation in it is so critical for a balanced Christian life.”
—Pastor Edwin Anderson, Impact Family Church, High Springs, Florida

“Lois’ tonic message will radically change all preconceived ideas about the Church of Jesus Christ.”
—Pastor Babeth Chorel, Eglise Siloe, Malissard, France

“The success of the 21st century Church will depend on its ability to balance the good of the past with the glory of the future. The insights Lois shares in this book come from spiritual application, rather than just theoretical speculation.”
—Senior Pastor Jim D. Seratt, Grace Community Church, Vidor, Texas, History Instructor, Lamar University

“As a pastor I think that every church in America needs to hear Lois Taucher and her teaching on the church. ‘Called Together’ is essential for anyone yearning for revival today.”
—Pastor Mark Bintliff, New Creation Church, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

“Having spent many years training and evaluating teachers in how to teach, I know a great teacher when I see one. Lois Taucher has a balanced mix of charismata and intellect with a delivery that is fresh and applicable to the needs of the moment.”
—Dr. Paul Burge Pastor, Bread of Life Church, Mission, Texas

“Every Pastor and church member needs to read this book which will revolutionize their understanding of God’s purpose for His cChurch!”
—Pastor Di Stacey, Grace Christian Centre, Liverpool, England

“After reading this book you will never have an excuse left but to be involved in the local church. The only thing left is . . . to do it! Read it — be changed!”
—Pastors Cal & Jan Switzer, Victory Christian Center, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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