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The Church




There has never been a time more important than this time for Believers in Christ to understand their place in The Church.

Many of us have been schooled in the redemptive truths of who we are In Christ, but have not yet completely understood who we are in The Church.

The Church is not some mystical spiritual entity in the background of contemporary society. It is an actual physical presence in this world where the Spirit of God, Word of God and  the people of God meet together.

These are pivotal moments in world history, and it has never been more critical for all believers to responsibly fulfill their roles in The Church.

Whatever God is planning to do in the world today, He is going to do through The Church, which is comprised of people like you and me in local congregations all around the world.

The Church is the body of Christ in the earth today; it’s time for us to rise up in faith and run with the vision that God has set before…THE CHURCH.

  • Track 1 – You are Made for the Church
  • Track 2 – Some Assembly Required
  • Track 3 – Hearing from Heaven

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