January 2019 Partner Letter

Dear friend and partner,

There are many things in my heart as we start this new year,  but I thought it might be a blessing to share with you what I do at the start of every year.

I start off the year in prayer for others – family, friends and partners, Shekinah Glory staff and volunteers, ministers, pastors, the nations, the lost, the sick and bound, and for our leaders.  I dedicate anew every part of me to serve others.

Then I make two lists.  The first list is of all the things I want to see increased or developed in my personal life, whether it’s ministry gifts, walking in more love, wisdom, or finances; essentially, anything that would make me more of a blessing to my world.

The second list is little tougher.  This is where I do a deep search of my life, examining how my faith is being lived out, and challenging myself to become more like Jesus in the coming year.  I consider how I talk to and about others – and how I treat others.  I get real honest about things that I don’t want to carry with me the rest of my life; these are things that need the blood of Jesus applied.  I have laid them down before, but somewhere along the line I picked them back up. 

Remember, just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean things will automatically change for you.  You must put your life under the Word daily and use your faith.  All things are possible with God, but the two key words are “with God”.

Thank you for choosing to believe with us in 2018 and know that we believe in You and pray for your seed sown.  Miracles are happening everyday!  We are committed in 2019 to take up our cross and follow Jesus.  Together we will continue to love the unloved and unlovely, give to those who have need, and help those who are hurting. With God’s help, we will;

Think Big, Do Good, Serve Well, and Expect the very Best.

With purity of heart, mind, and purpose, together let’s continue to tell the World about Jesus. 

Until He comes again,

Cindy, Lois and Ray