July Partner Letter 2020

Dear Partner, 

It was only one service.  Some wondered if it would be worth it – the drive, the time and the work involved.  We were given the option to reschedule, but we didn’t.  

There was one young boy on the back row of the auditorium that morning. As the call was simply given, “who wants to call on the name of the Lord to be saved?”, he raised both of his hands straight in the air.  

These are his words that, through tears, this young boy shared with the whole congregation after he received Jesus that morning:

“…It’s the love of Jesus … His love is overwhelming!  It’s overwhelming to hear it – it fills my heart with happiness, love and joy.  I just wish I could hear it all the time.”  …He’s overwhelming” …

The teaching that morning included the story of a young boy who had been left by his mother on a street corner.  After 3 days of waiting, a Christian man saw him, picked him up and sent him to a Christian youth camp.  It was there he gave his life to Christ. This was the beginning of an incredible walk with God. A life that could have been destroyed by disappointment and hurt was turned into a life made whole and free – saved by Jesus love. An incredible story of redemption and restoration – not only in him, but through him. For today, he has brought to others the same love and hope Jesus brought to him through a world-wide ministry to abandoned and forgotten youth living on the street.

It was only one service. We didn’t know that the young boy in our service that morning had been abandoned by his mother.  We didn’t know that a man in the church had taken him in, cared for him and was raising him as his own. We didn’t know, but the Holy Spirit knew and that morning, this precious little boy received Jesus as His Lord and Savior.  It was glorious!  As he spoke, the whole church was overwhelmed with the glory of God.  

Thank God – there is hope for the world!  It’s a great day of restoration – we must tell others that Jesus is the answer for the world today.  For, “whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”!!  (Acts 2:21)

With all the love of our Savior, 

Cindy, Lois & Ray