January Partner Letter 2016

Dear Partner,

“The most powerful people in this world are not the political leaders, the wealthy, or the famous.  The most powerful people in this world are believers in Jesus Christ who understand what God is doing in the Earth today.  They understand that being in Christ automatically puts them in God’s strategic plan for their time and their hour.  As a result, they destroy evil and cause cataclysmic change for good – so good that no secular mind can argue against the results and no lost heart can resist the Lord of those results.
The church is the divine instrument of God’s strategic plan for this hour. Jesus demonstrates His redemptive work, the power of His cross and resurrection, through His body.  Nations do not fall into the hands of the enemy and go dark because people outside the church refuse to move with God; nations fall into the hands of the enemy and go dark because God’s people inside the church refuse to move with Him”.
(From the book ‘Called Together’ by Lois Taucher)

Every great awakening throughout history has been the result of churches catching on fire with the presence and power of God.  Kenneth E. Hagin saw our day coming, the beginnings of this last great end-time Revival, and said in 1988:

“…We’ve got the foundation of the Word – we know how to believe God, but many times, in some churches, they don’t want any move of the Spirit – just teach, bless me –
No! You need the supernatural – go on with the fire!  …That’s what God is endeavoring to do today, to bring a revival of the Holy Ghost – of the supernatural, of the power of God, of the manifestations of the Spirit and of his Glory!”

Shekinah Glory is focused on helping churches change their cities with the presence and power of God.  Total commitment to Jesus; that changes everything – for there is nothing too hard for God!

What a privilege it is to work together with you!  We love and value you and the precious seed that you have entrusted us with.  We pray and continue to thank the Lord for your harvest in every area of your lives, as we work together to bear witness of His resurrection power in this hour!  We are all a part of that same crowd of witnesses mentioned in Acts 4:   “…With great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.“  (Acts 4:33)

With All the Love Of Our Savior,
Cindy, Lois & Ray