October Partner Letter 2015

Dear Partner,

Recently, I received a very gracious request and invitation from Mrs. Lynette Hagin to receive the offering during the opening session of ‘Kindle The Flame’, her annual ladies’ conference held on the Rhema campus.  As I began to consider what I might say to the ladies there, I could not help but think of early years in ministry, and the importance of the Word of God and the move of the Holy Spirit in my life.  It was during this time that Kenneth E. Hagin’s ministry and Rhema Bible College came to be a powerful influence in my life.

As I was thinking about what I would say, I happened to mention to Caroline, our 6-year-old ‘granddaughter’ (not by blood, but in Spirit) that I had been asked to receive an offering during ‘Kindle the Flame’.

She stopped what she was doing, looked at me and said: “wait… did you say it was an offering?”
“Yes”, I said.   She then ran over to the hallway, opened her little rumpled school backpack and pulled out an envelope that contained 5 one-dollar bills.  She took one of the bills out and said, “Here – take this.”

“Do you want me to put this in the Rhema Offering,” I asked?  She nodded her head, “Yes.”

“What do you want me to tell the Ladies”?  “Why are you giving this”, I asked?

Caroline answered:  “Because I Love God and I want others to know Him.”

So true, so simple… this statement from the heart of an innocent child really is the basis for ALL of our giving into the work of the Kingdom…
“Because we love God and want others to know Him.”

God bless you, and thank you for continued support of Shekinah Glory Ministries.  Your selfless giving makes it possible for Shekinah Glory to stay on the field.  We learned long ago that we could not accomplish the task alone, and we thank you for ‘running the race’ with us, eyes on the prize – the goal within our reach.  Jesus is coming soon!

Serving with a Grateful Heart,
Cindy, Lois and Ray