What is your life’s purpose?

As I travel around the world, one thing is very clear: people are confused. I hear, “I wish I could figure out what God is up to. This world is in chaos.” I understand how easy it is to get confused if you don’t know what the Word of God says about the time in which we are living.

Make no mistake, God is still working in and through His church. The world may appear to be in chaos, and like the people I talk to in my travels, you may be confused about what God is up to, but God isn’t confused. He knows exactly what He is doing. And not only does He want to reveal His plan to you, He wants to reveal your place in that plan.

It isn’t His plan for you to wander aimlessly without focus or real direction. To put this in perspective, it’s similar to when I go to an unfamiliar mall or shopping center; the first thing I look for is the map or directory that shows where all the stores are located. When I find the directory, the next thing I look for is that little red X or dot that says, “You are here.” Why do I need to know that? Because if I know where I am and where I have to go, then I can figure out how to get there. The directory is God’s Word, and the X that marks your spot is the local church.

Satan had no idea about the church. It was a total mystery to him. All he knew was that God was going to send a deliverer (Genesis 3:15), and his response was to kill anyone who could possibly be that deliverer. If he had figured out the plan of God he would never have orchestrated the death of Jesus. Why? Because after Jesus paid the price for sin and rose from the grave, the Church Age began. The mystery hidden in God was revealed, and suddenly the devil and all his demons were no longer contending with just one Jesus. On the Day of Pentecost alone He multiplied Himself in over 3,000 radical, born-again, Holy-Ghost- empowered saints of God!

The Day of Pentecost was a veritable nightmare for the kingdom of darkness! Jesus had expanded His body at an uncontrollable rate, and the new believers were doing the same signs and wonders He had done. They were preaching the same lie-exposing, devil-defeating, people-liberating Gospel. They were pulling all kinds of mind-renewing and life-transforming revelation out of the Scriptures. They were even taking care of the poor and needy and the widows and orphans.

The nightmare continues for the devil and his kingdom, because the phenomenon that started in the upper room that day with 120 believers is still going strong 2000 years later. And you are a part of this! You are no longer a mystery. Your life and purpose are fully known. You are here…in the church of Jesus Christ.

(Taken from Called Together.  To order go to http://www.shekinahglory.com/shop/books/called-together/)