April Partner Letter 2017

Dear Partner,

We’ve had such a glorious time over the last few weeks in our travels throughout the country.  We’ve seen many being Born Again, and many, many others making fresh dedications to live for Jesus.  Over the last 4 churches we’ve ministered in, at least 85 have been filled with the Holy Spirit, with many, many others experiencing and responding in faith to the outpouring of God’s Spirit.  We are truly on some “Shoutin’ Ground”!

We received this message from a Pastor after our recent meeting in San Antonio. He wanted to give us this testimony from a child (6 or 7 year-old) who said she, “fell over” in the spirit after hands were laid on her in the altar during prayer at the service. …”I don’t remember if anyone caught me or who put a blanket on me”. She said she’d had bruises all over her legs from playing and had a neckache for 2 days, but after the meeting they were all gone!  She said she feels so much closer to God now and knows God will always protect her.  She had her first real experience with God and she said her life is now totally different!

In that same meeting, a lady was there who had suffered a severe stroke and had not spoken for several months.  She came forward and received prayer for healing.  We saw her and her family at Denny’s later after the service, and they said she had been talking the whole way over in the car!

In a meeting in Arkansas, there was a man who Vestal Goodman had prayed over both as a child and later as an adult, but he had walked away from God.  He was a talented musician who had played piano for The Happy Goodmans, The Hinsons, and many others, but he said he had not been in church in a long time.  After Cindy prayed with him, he received instant healing for a shoulder injury that had kept him from playing piano.  He jumped up on the platform and played piano for the first time in many years – then went “walking leaping and praising God”… it was unforgettable!

Thank you, dear friends, for making it possible for us to continue reaching our world with the Gospel of Christ.  Nothing we could say would be adequate to express how much your prayers and support mean to us.  As that old song would say,  “Thank you, for giving to the Lord – I am a life that was changed.”   It is a time of great salvation, great restoration and great deliverance – Jesus is coming soon!  We must all keep …”running the race that is set before us”!

Gratefully Serving Together,

Cindy, Lois and Ray