June Partner Letter

Dear Partner,

“Every time we think of you, we give thanks to our God ….for you have been our partners in spreading the Good News about Christ…” (Phil. 1:3,5)

Have you ever been to Brazil?  Well, because of your partnership with Shekinah Glory, you most certainly have!  Glory to God!  Here is a wonderful testimony we just received from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

‘…My husband and I are senior pastors of a church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   I wanted to send you this quick message as a thank you and as a testimony. Two years ago when you spoke at ‘Kindle The Flame’, I got a copy of your book “Called Together” and it has since changed my outlook on Christ, the church, and my calling. I have poured over your book many times, using it as a basis for sermons, training sessions for our leaders and volunteers, and just for personal edification to remind me of God’s calling for my life and for our church.   Every time I read your book I am encouraged and inspired for what God is doing on the earth today, and through His local church. The truths you expound on and the revelation of what Jesus did for His church is what so many in my generation need.

The concept of ‘local church’, especially here in Brazil, is a loose idea, and often you see believers going from one church to another based on personal preferences or ‘celebrity’ pastors. It is a sad reality, and yet a charge for us as pastors to teach the Truth.

The people in our church who have gotten ahold of the principles I have taught based on your book (and the Bible, of course!) have grown tremendously in their walk with the Lord, in their commitment to serving the local body and in their effectiveness to witness. So, I just wanted to thank you for being led by the Holy Spirit to write this book and let you know that what you’ve written is changing lives here in Rio!’

Glory to God!  We are, truly, ‘Called Together’ to do the greatest work of all – telling the world the wonderful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Strengthening the local church causes a move of God that brings life and healing to a world that is crying out for an answer.

‘The gates of hell shall never be victorious over the Church of Jesus Christ!’ (Mt. 16:18)

Forever Triumphant!
Cindy, Lois and Ray