May 2019 Partner Letter

Dear Partners and Friends,

“Expect Great things from God, attempt great things for God”…

Preached in 1792, this was the title of the first message from William Carey, who was the leader of our modern day mission movement.  He did much to inspire Christians of his generation to reach the world with the gospel message. 

The history of nineteenth-century Protestant missions was moved ahead by words that came from Carey, a man whose heart was filled with the life-changing power of the Gospel.  His greatest legacy was in the worldwide missionary movement of the nineteenth century that he inspired, including Hudson Taylor and David Livingston.  Although it took 7 years of missions work in India before he baptized his first convert, he labored 41 years without a furlough of any kind, suffering many losses on a personal level. Never giving up, knowing that doing the will of God leaves an everlasting legacy.  Today, his life still speaks.  

With our hearts full of the same life-changing, powerful Gospel, we are once again on our way to France this June.  Our expectation is in God as we go, knowing that the best is yet to come!  

“…Christ has brought us back as His friends…and we are standing before Him with nothing left against us…convinced of the Good News that Jesus died for us, and never shifting from trusting Him to save us.  This is the wonderful news…and we have the joy of telling it to others.”  Col. 1:21-23LB

Thank you for freely and liberally helping us take the Gospel to the world.  We love you so very much!

Jesus is coming soon!

Cindy, Lois and Ray