June 2019 Partner Letter

Dear Partner,

Billy Graham made the following statements on how to live your life as you follow Jesus:

“Follow Christ in His passion for World Evangelism.”

“Follow Christ in the spirit-filled life.”

“Follow Christ in His commitment in obediance and consecration to the will of His Father.”

It has been said that even people who are considered shy will impact at least 10,000 others during their lifetime. Wow!  Think about it – thousands will be impacted by your life.   As they come into contact with you, your life is a message that will make a difference.  …You could say that all of us are evangelists!  

This is a recent testimony we received from the pastor of a church we were with for the first time:  “…Just wanted you to know how much we love you and enjoyed your presence at our church!  WOW!  Still basking in the afterglow and so glad you came!  Still hearing testimonies of what God did!”

As we go to France this month, we are so very thankful for you!  I’ll never forget the words of the restaurant owner in Paris, France a few years ago.  After he received Jesus, he said through an intepreter:  “I’ve lived in France for over 50 years and every night, I prayed, Lord is there any one in Paris who really knows you”?  

You, dear partner and friend, make this and all we do possible with your prayers and generous gifts.  The grace of God through Jesus Christ is the hope of the world!!

Forever Grateful,

Cindy, Lois and Ray