July 2019 Partner Letter

Dear Partners and Friends,

What a glorious time we had in France!  There were nights where we met with Pastors and staff alone, sharing and teaching. Lois taught powerfully on the local church, and my, how they received it!  The Lord also moved through the gifts and many lives were changed and filled with joy and purpose. One girl said, “I now see my life is for this church”. She was so moved she could hardly speak. The next night at church, joy overflowed in the room and the saints were dancing and singing with all of their might.  People filled the altar coming to Jesus to receive.  Thank you, Thank  you, Thank you!  

Here’s a first for Shekinah Glory – we saw several fliers posted in the city advertising a “Rock and Roll Party”  with our picture on it!  Rock and Roll Party?  It turned out to be a great idea, and was meant to attract the lost to a citywide concert where I gave my testimony.  The church was packed that night as the city came out!  The altar was filled with the unchurched and unsaved receiving Jesus, along with many receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Glory!

On Sunday, the pastor was weeping on the floor and our translator couldn’t speak anymore for the overwhelming Glory of God that filled the auditorium.  People everywhere – including children – were consumed with His presence.  One pastor and her family who had been in our crusades for many years prior were there, weeping and told us  “Oh, how we’ve missed you.  For each year you have not come back we have been receiving offerings believing for the year that you would return.  Please come back, we’ll never miss you, no matter how many days ’till you are here again.”  

I was crying as another leader from Switzerland was too moved to speak; then a vsiting missionary recounted this testimony… “I’ve never seen you (Shekinah Glory) before, but my son was transformed in a meeting of yours years ago in the US.  He said that from the moment he walked in, he wept throughout the entire service.  He answered the altar call that day and from then on has been serving the Lord full-time.”

The pastors were very impressed with our ministry team.  They said they had never seen people that were so in tune with making sure everything was done with dignity, precision and love.  What a blessing they were to us!

As we boarded the train to leave Voiron, the pastor and some staff were waving goodbye with tears as we rolled away – it was like an old movie scene!  I couldn’t stop praying, “Lord of the harvest, keep sending laborers to every nation so everyone can hear the Gospel and your Son can return to take us all home”.  We are so grateful to have been even a small part of the revival that’s going on in France today.  Everywhere I went, I was witnessing and found hearts open to Jesus.       

All the while I was in France, I kept remembering you – all of our friends back home who believed in the divine calling of this hour to reach the world, and the sacrifices that were made to send us – sacrifices made by you. You, dear partner, have answered their cry!  Thank you for freely and liberally helping us share the Gospel in France!

Forever Grateful,

Cindy, Lois and Ray