July Partner Letter 2017

Dear Partners,

“…People are always asking, ‘What is God doing today?’, as if God is going to do something new every day.  One of the main things God is doing today is emphasizing the local Church.  But that’s not new.  I’ll tell you exactly what God wants to do in the Body of Christ today.  Number one, He wants to build strong local churches.  Number two, He wants members of local churches to learn to flow with the Spirit.” (Kenneth E. Hagin)

This truly is our finest hour – an hour of glory and a day of ever-increasing awareness of God’s presence through His body, the blood-bought Church!

“The most powerful people in this world are not the political leaders, the wealthy, or the famous.  The most powerful people in this world are believers in Jesus Christ who understand what God is doing in the Earth today.  They understand that being in Christ automatically puts them in God’s strategic plan for their time and their hour.  As a result, they destroy evil and cause cataclysmic change for good – so good that no secular mind can argue against the results and no lost heart can resist the Lord of those results.

The church is the divine instrument of God’s strategic plan for this hour. Jesus demonstrates His redemptive work, the power of His cross and resurrection, through His body.  Nations do not fall into the hands of the enemy and go dark because people outside the church refuse to move with God; nations fall into the hands of the enemy and go dark because God’s people inside the church refuse to move with Him”.  (excerpt from Called Together – Lois Taucher)

Thank you for your commitment to Shekinah Glory Ministries.  It is your partnership that helps Shekinah Glory to continue our mission, strengthening the local church and reaching the world with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to help the church fulfill its mandate from Heaven to be a witness in each community and, ultimately, to an entire generation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His death, burial and resurrection.

Your partnership is a great source of strength and support to us; we know we can not do the will of God alone.   We love you very much and carry you in our hearts everywhere we go.  We thank God for you and for your faithfulness!

‘Till He comes again,

Cindy, Lois and Ray